Collection: Zero Waste Pieces

One of a kind pieces made out of silver leftovers. Instead of just adding silver scraps to the pile I'm using them right away for new pieces. Every piece is melted by hand and completely one of a kind.
  • Zero Waste Earrings

    Regular price 550,00 DKK
    Regular price 550,00 DKK Sale price 550,00 DKK
    Zero Waste EarringsZero Waste Earrings
  • Zero Waste Necklace

    Regular price 950,00 DKK
    Regular price 950,00 DKK Sale price 950,00 DKK
    Zero Waste NecklaceZero Waste Necklace
  • Zero Waste Ring

    Regular price 680,00 DKK
    Regular price Sale price 680,00 DKK
    Zero Waste RingZero Waste Ring
  • Mond Necklace

    Regular price 1.500,00 DKK
    Regular price Sale price 1.500,00 DKK
    Mond NecklaceMond Necklace
  • Zero Waste Necklace 14k gold

    Regular price 3.800,00 DKK
    Regular price 3.800,00 DKK Sale price 3.800,00 DKK
    Zero Waste Necklace 14k goldZero Waste Necklace 14k gold
  • Zero Waste Ring 14k gold

    Regular price 2.800,00 DKK
    Regular price Sale price 2.800,00 DKK
    Zero Waste Ring 14k goldZero Waste Ring 14k gold
  • Zero Waste Hoops

    Regular price 850,00 DKK
    Regular price 850,00 DKK Sale price 850,00 DKK
    Zero Waste HoopsZero Waste Hoops
  • Zero Waste Earrings 14k gold

    Regular price 3.000,00 DKK
    Regular price 3.000,00 DKK Sale price 3.000,00 DKK
    Zero Waste Earrings 14k goldZero Waste Earrings 14k gold