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Alice Kaufmann

Keshi Pearl Necklace Silver

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A delicate Tahiti Keshi pearl attached to a hammered silver hook. 

Keshi pearls are pure mother-of-pearl and the closest you get to a natural pearl. They are formed by accident from the pearl itself and therefore very organic and unique in their shape. These pearls are all natural in colour and shape and picked out carefully with respect for nature and in close cooperation with the pearl farm. 

"It is told that the Tahiti pearl, with its dark, intense lustre, is like a mirror in which the world and not least its bearer can be reflected” - Marc'Harit

The pearls are carefully selected at the sustainable pearl supplier Marc’Harit in Copenhagen.

Handcrafted in Copenhagen from 925 sterling silver.  
Panzer Chain length: 45 cm
Pearl size: 9-10mm